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Rock 'N' Roll Art

Rock 'n' Roll Art
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Welcome to Rock Art! This is a community for people to post their rock n roll creations, or things they have found on the net. It can be icons, desktops, blends, ect.


1) You can post anything, as long as its clean, and make sure its rock n roll. That can mean grunge, punk, classic rock, ect. Basically anything by a band/artist that WRITES and PLAYS their music.

2) Be nice, don't criticize somebodys work

3) Requests are allowed, but don't constantly be asking and not adding anything else to the community

4) Put everything under the LJ cut tag, unless its at most 5 icons

5) Don't steal, give credit to the people who made something if you're going to use it, and DONT DIRECT LINK.

6) Enjoy everything!